At Château Fonrazade our wines are represen-tative of the " AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru " denomination : supple, hearty, easy-to-drink, elegantly fruity, well struc-tured, and blessed with graceful ageing characte-ristics. Although there is family resemblance due to common characteristics, each vintage shows specific features, based on each year's particulars.

 CHATEAU FONRAZADE 1995, AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 
The colour is ruddy crimson. Aromas are a mix of grilled fruit with whiffs of forest mushrooms. The structure is elegantly evolved, but retains a solidly pleasant round mellow yet rich gusto . Tannins are well blended, suppple, and spicy. A pleasant complex wine, lingering and soothing. The aftertaste hints of spices and liquorice.

Its deep-dark Bordeaux-red colour is highly attractive. The rather subtle bouquet wafts through the air with fruity aromas. The fine and elegant taste yields a beautifully balanced harmony between fruits and wood. With good ageing potential, the wine is at its peak between 3 and 12 years.
(Guide Hachette des Vins 2002, 2 stars)

Beautiful ruby-red colour with flame flickers. The bouquet is a mix of red fruits, with currant undercurrents. The wine starts out supple on the palate, with soft blended tannins. Then the structure reveals itself harmonious with blossoming balance, while laced with hints of spices and fruit. Elegant and pleasant wine, to enjoy now, or to set aside four or five years.

Ruby-red colour with vermilion highlights. The blooming bouquet is a rich mix, with ripened aromas of black and red fruits, spicy flavors, and elegant grilled wood. The taste is full and round, with tight-knit tannins and a pleasant lasting aftertaste. Harmonious wine, to be preciously safeguarded for at least three years.
(Guide Hachette des Vins 2004, 1 star)

Splendid Bordeaux-red colour. Mixed bouquet of riped fruits with subtle wooden notes. The taste starts out supple and hearty, then evolves to a powerful structure with strong tannins, which hold the promise of graceful and beautiful aging.
(Guide Hachette des Vins 2005, 1 star)

Fabienne Balotte has developed this attractive 2002. The colour gleams with crimson and ruby reflections. The aroma of wood still dominates the bouquet somewhat, but swirling the glass reveals the fragrance of warm black fruits –blackberry. On tasting, the fruity flavour –morello cherry- is filled out by delicately woody tannins. A pleasing wine which would be ready to serve in two or three years time.
(Guide Hachette des Vins 2006, 1 star)

This domain of about ten hectares is established on the brown sands between the road to Bergerac and the Château Angelus. The wine is developed by women, Fabienne Balotte is advised by the oenologist Bernadette Delas. In fact this 2005 is a charming wine. The colour is a shimmering crimson, the aroma reveals fine fragrances of dark berries and mild spices, delicately woody. The full-bodied taste with enveloped tannins promises great harmony. A wine which will open out in a year or two. It will go well with a rack of veal or a cheese from Auvergne. (Guide Hachette des Vins 2009, 1 star)

In the glass the crimson colour displays its intensity. The aroma –powerful and elegant at the same time- is dominated by a noble woody perfume. The fruity taste is supported by well enveloped tannins. The woody flavour remains dominant but should harmonise in two or three years time.
(Guide Hachette des Vins 2010, 1 star)

Ruby red colour, young and glowing. The aroma is dominated by red fruits, strawberry and notes of vanilla. The taste starts out intense and pure, with a good presence of tannins, rich and pronounced. Of a difficult vintage, this wine is a success, and can be set aside for some more years.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist - November 2010)

The colour is ruby with highlights of amber. The delicate bouquet reveals notes of candied fruits and forest fragrances, enhanced by cashew and pistachio nut. The taste starts out fresh and pure with a good volume supported by tannins which are still young. This is a wine with a nascent bouquet and great character.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist - April 2013)

The deep colour is enhanced by ruby highlights. The aroma is dominated by fragrances of conserved black fruits enhanced by grilled and toasted notes. The taste which is ample and generous possesses a volume and a body rich and gourmand. This is a silky and elegant wine which can be enjoyed now for its complex aromas, but which has good potential for ageing.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist - April 2013)

Colour light carmine red, violet highlights. Aroma fresh, fine, red fruits, intense, notes of cocoa bean, blond tobacco. Taste ample, rich, notes of fruit stones, a complex wine, good lasting after-taste. The colour is a particularly glowing carmine red. The aromas of red and black fruits are dominated by very expressive black cherry, evidence of perfectly ripe grapes. The fruit flavours are enveloped in a fresh smoothness to give an extreme silkiness and a lasting after-taste. This full-bodied wine, well structured and elegant, is perfectly balanced and evidence of a promising vintage
(Denis Galabert, oenologist - April 2013)
( Gold Medal « Grand Or » - Foire de Paris 2013)

The colour is deep brick red with carmin highlights. The aroma of ripe fruits is enhanced by a nascent bouquet with notes of truffles and autumnal forest fragrances. The taste is ample and generous with the strength and the freshness of tannins rich and still young. A wine with future and character.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist, 21/04/2015)

The colour is a brilliant glowing red with ruby highlights. The aromas of fresh fruits are enhanced by an agreeable note of clove. The taste is elegant with silky tannins which give it an aspect gourmand and of great class. A wine that can be enjoyed already for its fruit. A modern wine.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist, 21/04/2015)

The colour, carmine red, is intense and brilliant. The aroma of floral scents is enhanced by woody notes and sweet spices, slightly peppery. The taste is ample and silky, the tannins fine and delicate, the aftertaste is refined. This elegant and aromatic wine can be drunk young for its softness and maturity, it will also keep 5 to 10 years for its spicy bouquet.
(Denis Galabert, oenologist, 12/11/2015)